Handicap Tub

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Handicap Tub

For some, getting in and out of a standard bath tub has become difficult. Faced with the prospect of falling in a shower, many are searching for affordable alternatives. One choice available is a handicap tub. A typical installation of one of these handicap tub involves removal of the original tub and remodeling the bath room. The installation will take several days to complete in a workman like manner.

Handicap Tub

Once it has been installed, it becomes a permanent part of your home. Many realty professionals have suggested that these units tend to lower the value of a home by an amount equal to the original installation cost. Another drawback that they have pointed out is that homes with this type of equipment take much longer to sell than homes with traditional handicap tub.


This makes them great for traveling and it does not interfere with the integrity of the bathtub. It uses a set of super powerful suction cups and can support up to 375 pounds. When the handicap tub lift has been lowered it is only 3 inches from the bottom of the tub and it rises vertically 18 inches above the bottom of the tub.

A handicap tub is one of the best ways to ensure safety in the bathroom. They make it easy to transfer into and out of the tub. For safety reasons most use battery power and a completely sealed remote control that also floats. A quality bath lift has a built in battery gauge and will not lower unless the battery is strong enough to go back up again. This ensures that you will never be stuck in the bathtub. Most also have a reclining back so that you can relax in the bathtub safely and in a naturally ergonomic sitting position.

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