AED corporate compliance plan

AED corporate compliance plan

AED corporate compliance plan

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American Heart Association’s Heartsaver AED Anytime Personal Learning Program is perfect for imparting the knowledge for performing CPR and using AED corporate compliance plan. The aim of this course is to train the rescuers to minimize the risks to both the victim and the responder. Most organizations are hesitant to follow a public access defibrillation (PAD) program as they are afraid of being sued. There have been no known instances of a lay rescuer being sued for providing CPR or defibrillation as Good Samaritans. AED corporate compliance plan

The benefit of using AED Trainers for teaching the trainees is that it is the most cost-effective method. The training electrodes are reusable and can be used with a variety of CPR manikins. This training device is powered with economical alkaline D-cell batteries and only two AAA batteries are needed for remote control.

Another benefit of Cardiac Science AED case hearstart is that it is made in accordance with the actual AED devices. The real automated external defibrillators are available in two types—automatic and semi-automatic, the Cardiac Science AED Trainer can be configured in both automatic and semi-automatic training modes. A trainee will be able to operate both types of AED cases onsite devices easily after training on this unique AED Trainer.

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The AED analyzes the rhythm automatically and the voice prompt informs the rescuer not to touch the patient during the process. If a shock is required, the voice prompt will inform the responder of it. The voice prompts guide the responder through the process of defibrillation and CPR and re-analyze the rhythm to determine whether defibrillation is needed or not.

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